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Digitimes Research: October 7W, 9W LED light bulb prices in China drop

Time:2017-11-10 Views:1033

October 2017 average retail price for 7W LED light bulbs (40W incandescent equivalents) in China decreased 3.2% from August 2017 to reach CNY24.3 (US$3.8), while 9W models (60W incandescent equivalents) also saw pricing drop 27.2% to CNY23.5, according to Digitimes Research.

Average retail prices for 40W- and 60W-equivalent LED light bulbs in Japan in October stood at JPY2,110 (US$19.0) and JPY1,875 respectively, the former growing 47.9% from August and the latter rising 3.0%, Digitimes Research indicated.

October average retail prices for 40W- and 60W-equivalent LED light bulbs in other markets were: KRW7,978 (US$7.20, up 4.2% from August) and KRW12,299 (up 0.3%) in South Korea; US$16.90 (up 6.3%) and US$19.8 (down 2.5%) in the US; EUR4.80 (US$5.60, up 4.3%) and EUR9.50 (up 8.0%) in Europe.

Philips 40W-equivalent LED light bulbs and Osram 60W-equivalent models for sale in South Korea had the highest average lumen-price ratios of 117.5lm/US$ and 254.4lm/US$ respectively in October. In terms of luminous efficiency, Mitsubishi Electric 40W-equivalent LED light bulbs and Toshiba 60W-equivalent models available in Japan had the highest average level of 95.5lm/W and that of 108.2lm/W respectively in October.