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There are 20 essential lighting points

Time:2017-05-22 Views:710
  In architectural lighting, artificial illumination is as important as sunlight.
  Sunlight can be supplemented by artificial illumination. Artificial lighting can complement not only the lack of daylight, but also the atmosphere that is completely different from the sunlight effect.
  Choose the light source according to the quality of the lighting. Incandescent and halogen tungsten lamp used for luminance, color, quality and the situation of the dimming performance have high requirements, compact fluorescent lamps and high-strength discharge light source is used for emphasis on energy conservation and reduce maintenance.
  4. Electronic transformer and electronic Dian flow to improve the life of the light source, and can reduce energy consumption.
  Every lighting project should have a certain maintenance plan, such as regular replacement, elimination or cleaning illuminator.
  The function of illuminator is equal to door and window, it is the building that cannot be ignored, but not interior design some kind of decorate.
  The important factor that determines the quality of the illuminator is its function and the maximum visual comfort that it can achieve and the combination of its optimum illumination efficiency.
  As a detail in the architecture, the lighting should be carefully chosen
  When setting up the illuminator, the requirements for functional and architectural design should be taken into account.
  Lighting and lighting are part of architectural design.
  When lighting wiring, you should consider the different functions of the room.
  When designing lighting conditions for a working environment, the best visual comfort should be considered.
  The ambient brightness sense can be achieved by the illumination of the facade of the wall or the indirect illumination of the ceiling.
  Key lighting can lead to an interest in a certain point and help others to observe the environment in a space.
  To reduce energy consumption, natural lighting and artificial lighting should be combined in the working area.
  Choose the lighting level according to the different working environment, and also consider the energy saving effect while ensuring the quality of the lighting.
  In order to make different atmosphere and the best lighting effect, the lighting control system should be considered in the lighting design.
  Even in indoor lighting design, you should consider the lighting effects outside of the night.
  The design of a building can be best exemplified by good lighting design.
  The illuminator and illuminative effect are not only the important component of architectural design, but also can be the image of the company enterprise the shaping means
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