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Read the present situation and development trend of LED lamps

Time:2017-05-22 Views:712
  With the market penetration rate of LED lighting products increasing year by year, the manufacturer of lamps and lanterns has also been focusing on LED lighting products. LED as a new technology drives around various related technology development, at the same time of developing gradually produce all kinds of unexpected problems, new market participants also through its original advantages to redefine the market.
  The popularity of LED lighting technology is seen as an ideal alternative to the huge conventional lights, because of its low energy consumption. With its rich color, it is widely used in home lighting, commercial lighting and landscape illumination. In the last two years, the development of LED light effect, the mature technology of the cooling technology, and the development of the driving technology, have begun to exert force on indoor and outdoor lamps and lanterns.
  Indoor products are closer to people‘s lives, and the market has huge potential. The domestic market mainly has LED barrel lamp, sky flower lamp, bean bile shoot lamp and track lamp etc. The early barrel lamps and the shooting lamp basically choose single particle LED, by design different circuit board to suit different power and aperture.
  There are three main problems with this product:
  One is: due to the LED all kinds of technology are lacking, the product failure rate is higher, once the failure need to replace the entire product, rather than the traditional products as long as the replacement of light source can be like that, so that maintenance costs are very high;
  Two: leds emit light that is not a uniform round of light, but a combination of several light spots.
  Three is: different LED particle combination and diameter of the products need to structure, optical and thermal design, design cost, mould cost, storage cost and manufacturing cost increase.
  To solve these problems, there are trends in LED products. For example, for the traditional QRCBC, QR111 halogen lamps and lanterns, use the same specifications of the LED light source, can not only use the original transformer and lamp body, and can replace the light source as traditional lamps and lanterns.
  In addition, there are using the COB encapsulation and conform to the trend of the optical engine ZHAGA specification, to regulate the LED light source, under the condition of invariable in size to improve the luminous flux, decrease the cost of design and manufacturing. For the light, the ultra-narrow beam Angle is one of the advantages of the design and manufacturing of the manufacturer.
  Dimming is also the development trend of lamps and lanterns. Domestic indoor products are mainly used to adjust the light from 0 to 10V, which is relatively rare in the internationally used DALI dimming mode. Because of the awareness that LED dimming could be a problem of color drift, the modulation requirement is no longer simply a voltage modulation, but a PWM. But it will also lead to problems such as EMC that need to be addressed further.
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