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Is an LED eye lamp a protective eye or a broken eye?

Time:2017-05-22 Views:712
  What happened to blue light? What does it have to do with the eye lamp?
  The effect of blue light on human eyes is actually exaggerated, and we typically divide the damage into three categories: photochemical damage, thermal damage and mechanical damage.
  Blu-ray influence belong to the category of photochemical damage, thermal damage exists in infrared region, because our human eye retina temperature is 37 degrees, high heat can lead to cell apoptosis, blue 400-500 nm range, the fact is there are big differences for retinal photochemical effect, in 400-440 - nm range, low light intensity, the retina‘s tolerance and tolerance, 450-480 light intensity is 3 to 5 times more than before,
  The LED peak spectrum is typically between 450-480, so if the normal situation is fully illuminated, it will not cause damage to the human eye.
  In fact, in animal experiments, we found that the part of the blue light wavelength can inhibit the occurrence of myopia, and blue light cause macular degeneration, now can only be indirect evidence from epidemiological survey. 450-480nm, regular full-size lighting environment (providing overall area illumination by roughly one of the uniformly distributed lighting design)
  There‘s no damage to the retina of the human eye, we‘ve done a cellular molecular experiment. If the light tolerance of the retina of the human eye is very low in 400-440, in fact, the blue light of some rotten leds is 400 to 440nm, so there is a problem.
  What are the ways in which blue light harms?
  Blue light may cause harm to the human eye mainly comes from two kinds of products, the first is the direct type LED screen, this is now from outdoor advertising screen to enter indoor, the current monitoring has been adopted in large area, and the education system is also prepared to introduce this some time ago screen, this is the most damage.
  The second category is individual lighting, and the power of the flashlight may have an effect. Because these lighting products are close to the human eye, the light is high, so there is a certain security risk. When using, try to avoid the light source from direct to the eye. In fact, the 400-440 nm, under normal lighting environment, there is harm to the human eye, we have been through the molecular cell experiment found that irradiation for 2 hours, can appear apoptosis phenomenon:
  Is an LED eye lamp a protective eye or a broken eye?
  (the human eye‘s retinal cell changes in light, and white dots represent apoptosis.)
  The impact on the eyes of television and cell phones:
  The TV is either a side glow or a backlight, the backlight is non-direct, it is shown by the LCD, and the light intensity of the TV is not high, so the TV influence is smaller. The phone is a side glow, not very damaging to the human eye, but the cell phone is the most likely cause of eye strain. You don‘t have to worry too much about these two parts.
  What is the effect of the eye lamp?
  Panasonic a the lamp that shield an eye, we do anybody for the experiment (for experiment, is through with human subjects, physiological index test, get the results of the experiment), where the eye, can irritate eyes, our VICO (visual comfort index) values are arrived at the 3.