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Small package big future, the essence of CSP LED and future interpretation

Time:2017-05-22 Views:712
  The industry has been wrong about the CSP itself. The full name of CSP is Chip Scale Package, which means a Chip class encapsulation device. It USES the IPC standard j-std-012 definition of CSP encapsulation, which refers to the complete encapsulation device that is less than 1.2 times the size of a chip. In the case of CSP, it does not represent the low cost, nor does it represent the performance of CSP in performance, nor does it represent the traditional encapsulation of CSP. CSP is simply a form of encapsulation, similar to SMD. To discuss cost advantages of CSP, must be combined with the benefits of CSP packaging forms, and this kind of CSP encapsulated in a specific application field can not bring new use function, can bring new added value to end users.
  Currently, the main structure of CSPLED can be divided into basic and non-baseboards, and can be divided into five faces and single surface luminescence. The so-called substrate can naturally be viewed as a stent. Obviously, in order to meet the requirements of CSP on package size, traditional support, such as 2835, really can‘t use, but that doesn‘t mean CSPLED without support, in fact, CSPLED substrate using cost is much higher than SMD. The CSPLED, which is limited by size, usually cannot use chips that need to be soldered, such as a chip or a vertical chip, which can only be used in reverse chips or a thin film flip chip.
  In terms of the manufacturing cost of the chip itself, the price of the chip is always bigger than the chip in the short term, given the scale effect. Made CSPLED flip chip facing high precision chip welding or configuration, phosphor glue spraying, membrane pressure, moulded or DAMS in dispensing, coating, cutting LED spectral color separation, as well as the woven bags and so on, its technical content, process complexity, and equipment requirements is more simple than traditional packaging industry, cheap, and mature.
  Based on the above analysis, the conclusion (1) CSP is only an application of the packaging device in the LED field, which can be regarded as a new product form that is different from that of SMD. (2) CSPLED has not yet formed the established process route, equipment conditions, nor the mainstream packaging structure. (3) in any way, the lumens cost of CSPLED is unlikely to be lower than the lumens costs of conventional leds, which are represented by the on-off chips and 2835, in the foreseeable future.
  CSP LED must be a mainstream product in the future
  So will CSPLED be the mainstream product of the future? Conclusion is for sure, but it must be closely around the characteristics of CSPLED to find CSPLED price, user experience and additional value, otherwise, in a short period, CSPLED scale will be according to the high cost of manufacture.
  CSPLED is characterized by small size, large current and high reliability. For small size, high current, high reliability, the purpose of CSPLEDs should with ceramic substrates, such as semiconductor co., LTD. Shenzhen avenue as ceramic substrate + flip chip manufacturing the three-dimensional full package of five surface emitting CSPLED (as shown in figure one) and flip chip ceramic substrate + film of pure single light-emitting CSPLEDs (as shown in figure 2).