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2016 China LED chip the size of the market reached 13.9 billion yuan

Time:2017-05-22 Views:711
  This is the data from China‘s LED lighting export, from Chinese customs. As you can see from the chart, the total growth of LED lighting in 2016 was only 2%. As LED the largest field of application of lighting market demand in the past few annual average has a high-speed growth, in 2016, however, growth momentum has seem a bit less, lighting industry matures.
  And backlight field, although TV average size increased, but with the promotion of technology, the number of LED particles per unit area decreased, the backlight industry has entered a recession.
  It is not entirely true that there is no terminal market. In 2016, small spacing display market continued to maintain high-speed growth, the demand for the LED chip market also had a positive role, but small spacing display the size of the market, after all, is relatively small, the driver of the chip industry co., LTD.
  In the field of lighting, the market and technology are concentrated in the hands of international manufacturers, and it is not obvious to the Chinese chip industry. Other emerging fields, such as lighting and medical lighting, are still in their infancy and are largely ignored.
  So what are the main drivers of the growth of China‘s LED chip industry? Let‘s look at the next set of Numbers.
  Figure 2: supply in China LED chip market
  Source: LEDinside
  This picture reflects the supply of China‘s LED chip market.
  There are three main supply camps for China‘s LED chip market, which are Chinese manufacturers, Taiwanese manufacturers and international manufacturers. Because international manufacturers, mainly sales of LED device so chip in China market sales of international manufacturers, basically can be neglected, the Chinese LED chip market is mainland China manufacturers and between Chinese Taiwan manufacturers.
  According to LEDinside, Taiwan‘s market share in the Chinese market is declining year by year, with only 22 per cent in 2016 and 76 per cent in mainland China. Taiwanese manufacturers are also largely left with the wafers, which other manufacturers can largely ignore, and the market share in China‘s market is declining.
  Figure 3: import of LED chip market in China
  Source: LEDinside
  Since 2010, China‘s LED chip makers have been expanding their production, with the support of the government, and a growing number of companies such as SAN ‘an and China. In contrast, China Taiwan and the international plant expansion is more cautious and more in recent years, but Chinese manufacturers continue to expand capacity in recent years, and in the next few years will continue to expand capacity. The competitiveness of Chinese manufacturers will be strengthened by the gradual transparency of technology.
  Another look at China‘s manufacturers in 2016, according to LEDinside, which showed that the value of LED chips in China was 11.4 billion yuan in 2016, up 13 percent from a year earlier.
  Figure 4: production of LED chip manufacturers in China
  Source: LEDinside
  It can be seen that the output growth rate of 13% of companies in the mainland, 9% higher than the growth rate of the size of the market, because there are some products have been selling to China Taiwan and the international market. Can be seen from the chart, the LED chip exports in 2016 is very obvious, headed by three Ann photoelectric mainland manufacturers, gradually enter the Chinese Taiwan and Japan and South Korea and other international markets.