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After-Sales Service--Complaint

Time:2017-09-13 Views:636

We are proud of our customer satisfaction all the time. We insist in offering clients excellent product quality, after-sale services and solutions of complaints.

To avoid products with quality problem before shipping, each of our products will be seriously controlled by 4-steps of QC inspections and 24hours ageing tests.
After the shipment, we request our shipping agency to update the tracking information in 4 hours once they received goods. Our sales will share the tracking information with customers once we get agency’s updating. At the second day after getting tracking information, our sales will track the goods on relevant website and will send an e-mail with screenshot of tracking result attached to customers. In normal condition, our agency will receive our goods in 24hours when we send the goods by local courier.


If customer has any compliant about our products, service or other aspect, we will solve the complaint as the following:

  • Firstly, our response will be offered in 12 hours after receiving the complaint by e-mail, call, Skype , whatsapp or other ways.
  • Secondly, our solution will be provided in 48 hours, and then if you have any doubt about our answer, we are willing to work together with you for finding a better program to solve this complaint.
  • Thirdly, once the final solution is confirmed by both of us, we will accomplish the complaint handling in 2 weeks.
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